We the team of goshala are Desi cow devotes. We love Indian samskriti (tradition). The team (founders) who are working here are devotees of cows who live on their own professions. Our team is having a good experience in aspects like Dairy management, Ayurveda and also in Natural farming. Setting up a goshala is not at all a tuff job which is a single time investment, but maintaining it in a proper way is the hardest task because every day the cows require nutritious food which is a recurring expense. Presently there are 40 + cows and 3 calves in our goshala, per month a single cow requires at least a good amount for maintenance. As a solution we found that there must be a regular income source from the cow itself. So, we planned to get income by selling products (milk, ghee etc) at our goshala to the public. This is the main reason of our sales.
We decided to maintain Goshala both in traditional and scientific way then only we can get income to meet the expenses and for the development of goshala. Now we are maintaining the goshala with its own (the income of goshala) income, and monthly contribution of founders and donations from devotees.
We are Offering (requesting) to the cow lovers ,to participate in Gopuja and obtain boundless mercy of Gomatha and join your hands with us in any manner to maintain and develop goshala. Every product which is produced in goshala is the symbol of purity and Quality.

Ours Vision & Mision

Encouraging the farmers to grow desi cows and teaching them about the importance of a desi cow in agriculture.
Teaching the public about the importance and greatness of the holy cow, Goseva and Gopuja
Collection and preservation of old books of ayurveda and vedic literature
To educate the people about medicinal plants and their uses
Promotion of natural farming
To take medicinal advantage of the cows for people suffering from various diseases.
To use bio fuel in pharmacy from Bio gas plant in Goshala.
To enrich and to sustain Indian culture.
To empower the Nation and the Hindu religion.
Preparation of pure and quality medicines based on panchagavya