It is mentioned in Vedas that All demi-gods including Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh have their abode in the cow. Worshipping cows is very auspicious and washer of sins. It wipes out all the curses and sins. Cow worshipping can fulfill your desire.
The cow puja removes poverty, gives good health, wealth and prosperity. It is also said that childless get child, one can repay debts and one can overcome all hurdles through Cow Puja.

Benefits of Cow Puja

At the base of horns reside Brahma and Vishnu and in the tip is all holy water and Ganga.
In the forehead is Lord Shiva and in the middle of forehead is Goddess Uma
The nose is Ganapathy and in the tip resides Muruga
In the heart resides Lord Yama
In the cow dung is the holy river Yamuna
All gods reside at the base of the tail
Goddess Lakshmi resides at the hind part of the cow
The sages, Muni reside in the hair of this holy animal